Iran, has a special place in international trade with its prime crops for producing a variety of agricultural and climatic products.
The Pectin Group, based on the belief in the power of its land and with the help of a dedicated and dedicated manpower, began its activity in the food industry with the production of peanut butter in 1991. The production of all types of peanut butter and crochet with the highest levels of quality, and the world’s first non-sugar peanut butter in the world, is a golden leaf of the honors of the Pack Production Group during this period.
In 1997, the company began to produce a variety of fruit and vegetable nuts using Swiss and German machinery, and produced a variety of brandies of peach, plum, apple, carrot, rice and pear brandy. With the intention of being closer to Iranian taste, Perarin adds to the Iranian taste of peanut butter with cocoa butter in 2010 and sesame butter in its basket of products in 2015 to further emphasize Iran’s aspiration.
Of course, Perarin was not alone in this way, and received numerous certifications and certificates, including the approval of the Association for the Support of Diabetic Patients in the Country, the Celiac Cancer Protection Association Certificate, the Food Safety and Health Certificate ISO 2005: 22000, and … another indication of The commitment of this company is to win the confidence and satisfaction of respectable consumers

Pectin Quality insurance

Pectin Manufacturing Co. is committed to producing a variety of products at the highest level of quality, increasing the ability to produce and developing a culture of healthy food consumption, and in order to increase the satisfaction of all stakeholders, all of which will endeavor to achieve the following major goals:

• Upgrading the level of product health and ensuring food safety
• Production of different types of products and providing superior quality according to customers’ demands
• Improvement of human resource competence through continuous and planned training to enhance their skills
• Regular and ongoing planning and action to prevent and mitigate environmental and wastes


We are always striving, using the latest scientific findings and new technologies, to produce healthy and safe food products in a world class and quality, have a strong presence in the consumer markets.
Accordingly, the company’s vision for the Packet Thin Company is as follows by the end of 1415:

•Maintaining the first place in the domestic market of peanut butter
• Increasing the range of brand influence and placing products in all parts of our country
•Developing knowledge boundaries in the production of food products, backed by a dedicated and dedicated manpower
• Being among the most desirable brands to end users of food intake by maintaining and continuously improving the safety, quality and variety of your products.