Terms of use of Perarin site.
All the users who are interested in purchasing Perarin products must read the content of this agreement and then purchase from the site. Purchasing from the Perarin site means studying and accepting the terms of purchase and the relevant laws and regulations.
Introducing vocabulary and terms
Store: Perarin online store; at www.perarinfood.com
customer or user: Is a person that make an order with his/her account. The email address and phone numbers the customer register in his/her account is considered to be the customer’s approved email address and official phone number, and all correspondence and company responses are made through it.
Order: The products that the customer chooses and is going to buy them by adding them to the cart.
Working day: It means Saturday to Wednesday every week, except for the official holidays, and all orders are reviewed throughout the working days; customers can order and use the website at any time of the day.
• Terms and Conditions
– It is imperative that customers enter their information correctly when ordering the order, otherwise they will be liable for any problems and possible losses. In addition, the registered orders are made only to the person introduced in the customer information form and with the control of the identification card; the person being introduced can be the user or the person who is approved by the user.
– In the event of a problem with the final processing of the purchase, such as the completion of inventory, the amount paid will be returned to the customer account within 24 to 48 hours.
– In the event of an error in the insertion of the price of the goods available, the online store can cancel the registered order of the customer and deposit the amount received into the account declared by the customer.

The purchase process is as follows:

A- بVisit the products provided on the website
B- Select the desired item by adding to the cart
C- Paying cart through electronic bank transfer ports
The value of the products ordered will be calculated according to the site price list and will include all sales taxes. The only amount that will be added to the price at a given price is the shipping cost and insurance of the products. The place of delivery of the products by the customer is included in the site and Pektin as vendor undertakes to deliver the order in that place, in accordance with the specified policies of sending the products.
In the absence of a customer at a designated location, the company will request the relevant costs from the buyer. If Pektin is not able to deliver the goods in due time for reasons beyond its sole discretion and the parties do not agree on a new date, the buyer has the right to cancel the order without any charge. The customer expresses his satisfaction with the type, number and health of the goods upon delivery of the goods.
Any defect or technical fault must be addressed at the moment of delivery to the ordering agent. Otherwise, Pektin will not be liable for any referral.

Note 1:After the completion of the purchase, it is not possible for the buyer to cancel the purchase at any time.

Return / change of products
– Replacement of the item purchased up to 7 days after purchase is possible if there are any forms or defects in the products that are not visible at the time of delivery or the products do not conform to the information contained on the website; in addition, it is necessary The products have not been unpacked, tested or unused.
Note 2:-Pektin will recognize the problems in the product
– To find out how to change the product, you can contact the Customer Affairs Department at 35234849-+9831 or by following the contact form on the perarinfood.com/contact-us/ page from the website
– Reclaiming products in Isfahan, through the service of delivery of orders and in cities by mail and by customer.
– Refunds will be made up to 2 business days after the replacement of the goods by Perarin’s online store and card-to-card.

Delivery of purchased products on working days is done in one of the following ways:


Isfahan City:
• Delivery up to 3 working days
• Free for orders up to 100,000 Tomans
• Cost: 4000 Tomans for orders less than 100,000 Tomans
•Capacity: Unlimited

Special to all cities in Iran except Isfahan:
• Delivery from 24 to 72 hours after order processing
• Free for orders up to 100,000 Tomans
• Cost: For orders less than 100,000 USD according to the calculation table of the cost of sending in ordering time
• Capacity: Unlimited

In special circumstances, such as festivals or crowded days, the delivery time may not be in accordance with this standard.

To file a complaint, visit the “Contact Us” page at perarinfood.com/contact-us. On this page, file a complaint form from our contact form and select the relevant section “Complaints.” You can also file a complaint by contacting customer affairs at 35234849-+9831.