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In 1994 creamy peanut butter with the brand of Perarin launched in the local market .
Since then and over the years with the unstopable driving force , we were able to produce, hazelnut, sesame, almond, pistachio and mixednuts butter with best quality.
We are now a leader in producing all- nuts butter in Iran.
What is behind our production, is selecting finest raw materials and continuous and carefully control of quality during process.
We do not add flavour, colour, fat and Preservative to our beloved products.
Our desire to be best made us to daily commitment to assure a best quality of products.
Everything we stand for goes into everything we make.



Perarin Simple Peanut Butter

In 1997, Perarin peanut butter with the highest possible quality was added to the food basket of Iranian consumers for the first time in Iran in the weights of 250, 350 and 500 g. This product contains high antioxidants and E vitamins and strengthens the immune system.


Perarin Crunchy Peanut Butter

Crunchy Perarin peanut butter (containing peanut pieces) with the highest quality was produced in 2008 and weighed 250 and 350 grams. This product preserves the nutritional properties of peanuts containing B vitamins, delays the aging process and prevents Alzheimer's disease, etc.


Perarin Peanut Butter without Sugar and Salt

Peanut butter without sugar and salt was produced for the first time in the world in 2009 at a weight of 350 grams for dear consumers, especially athletes, as well as people with diabetes, hypertension and heart disease, and was offered in the Iranian market.


Perarin Peanut Butter with Cocoa Cream

In 2010, peanut butter with cocoa cream weighing 250 grams was produced and marketed with the aim of creating satisfaction in its customers, especially in the age group of children and adolescents, in order to consume healthy and quality products and at the same time close to their taste in the family breakfast basket. Released. This product is rich in phosphorus and with an equal combination of cocoa cream and peanuts, and by preserving its nutrients, it eliminates weakness and fatigue.


Perarin Sesame Butter

Perarin sesame butter with high quality tahini base in 1394 in the weight of 300 grams was added to the Perarin product portfolio. The distinguishing feature of this product is that it does not use any butter or oil during the production process, which is the main reason for maintaining the health, nutrients and properties of sesame in Perrin sesame butter. The butter state of this product, which is caused by the natural fat of sesame kernel, causes its optimal distribution on the bread and creates a pleasant food experience. Among the properties of sesame can be prevented osteoporosis, high blood pressure and diseases such as rheumatism and cancer.


Perarin Hazelnut Butter

Perarin hazelnut butter was produced in 2016 using the best Iranian hazelnuts weighing 125 grams. This product is an effective substance for increasing the level of immunity, hematopoiesis, providing energy and regulating body temperature by preserving all the nutrients of hazelnuts.


Perarin Pistachio Butter

Perarin pistachio butter was produced and marketed in 2016 with a weight of 125 grams, using the best Iranian pistachios and emphasizing on preserving the rich properties of pistachios, including strengthening the immune system and blood formation in the body.


Perarin Almond Butter

Perarin almond butter with emphasis on preserving almond nutrients was produced and marketed in 2018 in a weight of 125 grams. Strengthening the skin and hair and the immune system are among the many properties of eating almonds.


Perarin Crunchy Peanut Butter without Sugar and Salt

Crunchy peanut butter without sugar and salt, according to the welcome of dear consumers and their request, weighs 350 grams and reached the stage of production and operation in 2019. This product contains peanut pieces while preserving the properties of the peanut butter model.

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