What is the difference between Perarin products and products that are prepared directly in front of the customer in stores?

Answer: Apart from the different and delicious taste of Perarin, since nuts are very sensitive to aflatoxins, all nuts are tested in the factory under the supervision of food industry engineers and have the approval of the Ministry of Health. First, the Ministry of Health tests a sample of nuts and verifies their health, then in the factory, using advanced industrial devices, the nuts are examined and the aflatoxin-containing nuts are separated from other nuts. The Ministry of Health and Food Control also conducts ongoing inspections to determine the health of the brain. That is why Perarin products have a standard mark from the Ministry of Health and the Food and Drug Administration.

What is the most important feature of Perarin products in relation to other similar products?

Answer: Perarin products are different from other products for two reasons.

A) In Perarin products, no oil is used to roast (roast) the products and the roasting process of the products is done only by heating.

B) The fat of the products is only due to the fat of the nuts themselves and has not been added to the oil products.

What is the allowable daily intake for each person to prevent overweight?

Answer: Each person can consume 30 grams (equivalent to one tablespoon) of the product per day so that the body needs energy and does not gain weight.

Are preservatives used in Perarin products?

Answer: No, no preservatives are used in Perarin products and only product stabilizer is used to prevent the product from becoming two-phase.

How long do Perarin products last?

Answer: Perarin products have a shelf life of one year from the date on the product cover.

Are Perarin products also produced in bulk?

Answer: Yes, in addition to packing cans, Perarin products are also produced in 1 kg and 8 kg containers.