Crunchy Peanut Butter



Peanuts (with peanut pieces)




250 & 350 gr

Number in package


Crunchy peanut butter (containing pieces of peanuts) is available in cans weighing 250 and 350 grams and in bulk weighing 1 and 8 kg. There are more than 15 milligrams of B vitamins in every 100 grams of crocus peanut butter. These vitamins delay the aging process by increasing good cholesterol (HDL) and also prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

It should be noted that due to the completely herbal composition of this product, Crunchy Perarin peanut butter is a vegan product.

Ingredients: ‌ Peanuts, Sugar, Plant Emulsifier (E471), Salt

Perarin Peanut Butter Eating Value Table
Catalogue product
Name Value
Servings about 8
Serving size 2Tbsp (30g)
Calories per serving 181 Kcal
Total Fat 13 gr
Total Carbohydrate 8.4 gr
Sugars 1.8 gr
Protein 7.5 gr
Saturated Fat 4 gr
Trans Fat 0 gr
Sodium 185 mg

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Peanut butter without sugar and salt (containing pieces of peanuts) Perarin is produced in cans weighing 350 grams and in bulk weighing 1 and 8 kg. This product is a good choice for patients with heart disease, hypertension and diabetes in terms of low volume of carbohydrates and sodium.

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Perarin peanut butter is produced in cans in three weights of 250, 350 and 500 g, as well as in singles of 25 g and in bulk in weights of 1 and 8 kg. The antioxidants in this product are more than fruits and vegetables such as apples, beets and carrots. This feature of peanut butter protects the body’s cells against destruction and strengthens the immune system.

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